A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Parry Plane, you play as a fighter pilot trying to save the world from an octopus in a space ship!  But, on his way to answer the call of duty, the pilot realized he forgot the load the guns in his plane!  Armed with only a deflective shield pulse, your mission is to defeat the evil octopus and save the world.  Think you can do it? 

Install instructions

Please download the zip folder, unzip the zip folder, select your platform and unzip THAT folder, and then play the .exe file named "Parry Plane"/ desktop application.   Then!!! (and this is really important) have fun! :)


ParryPlane(Windows).zip 17 MB
ParryPlane(Mac).zip 20 MB


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This Game is FUN to play!!!!  I like the music also.